Our Wish Is To Transform Lives!

Empower Plus is part of Empower Pragati, an award-winning Skill Training organization. We have skill-trained more than 450,000 youth in the last 10 years since our inception. We provide job-oriented skill training in dozens of courses.

About Us

“Transforming Lives, Skilling India” is our core MISSION. This guides the fundamental philosophy behind the work we do, the projects we undertake and the initiatives we launch.

We have derived our VALUES from the mission which drives all aspects of our operations.

We are a passionate and ambitious company wanting to impact the lives of the vulnerable across the country. Being nimble footed, agile and open to learning are core parts of our organization’s culture.

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Our 5 Core Values

The work atmosphere in Empower Pragati is lively, challenging and inspiring. We are a 1500+ strong team which is spread across the length and breadth of the country. Progressive HR systems for hiring, appraisal, training and career planning are in place. Employees are given responsibility and growth based on their interest, enthusiasm and performance and not necessarily based on years of experience. Ownership is key! We strongly believe that all this is needed to make our MISSION true.


This value is about creating a culture of inclusiveness and treating everyone with dignity, regardless of their background or beliefs. This includes listening to others, valuing diverse perspectives, and showing empathy towards others.


Effective planning is key to achieving success. This value emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals, developing strategies to achieve those goals, and being organized and prepared in your approach.


Open and honest communication is critical for building trust and maintaining strong relationships. This value requires that you be straightforward in your dealings with others and be transparent about your actions and decisions.


Making a positive difference in the world is a core component of this value. Whether it’s through your work, community involvement, or other endeavors, this value encourages you to strive for meaningful change and make a tangible impact on the world around you.

Super Pumpedness

This value is about maintaining a high level of energy and enthusiasm for what you do. Whether you’re tackling a new project, working with a team, or pursuing your passions, this value encourages you to bring a positive and energetic approach to everything you do.

Meet Our Team

Mrinal Kant

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Mrinal Kant is a strategic and passionate leader with a strong focus on solving real-world social problems. With 7 years in skill development and a current focus on Development Management, he is well-positioned to drive sustainable social impact at scale as Chief Strategy Officer.

Satish Rana

Assistant Manager – MIS

Satish is responsible for overseeing the management of information systems and providing data-driven solutions. He brings extensive technical knowledge and analytical skills to the organization, ensuring that data is organized, analyzed and utilized effectively.

Deepak Baluja

Manager – Marketing

Deepak is charged with developing and executing effective marketing strategies that drive growth and engagement. He leverages his marketing expertise and ability to create impactful campaigns to increase the visibility and success of the organization.

Jyotika Khanna

Manager – Training (Beauty)

Jyotika Khanna is responsible for delivering high-quality training programs in the beauty industry. She is committed to promoting professional development and achieving desired outcomes through her training programs. Jyotika’s expertise in the field makes her an important asset to the organization.

Utsav Shah

Executive – Fee-Based Training

As the Executive of Fee-Based Training, Utsav Shah is focused on delivering value-added training programs that drive revenue growth. He works to create impactful programs that bring value to the organization and its customers, contributing to the success of the team.

Want To Become A Member Of Our Team?

We have a dynamic team of individuals who bring creativity, energy and enthusiasm to the table.