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The Professional Nail Art & Mehndi Course by Empower Plus is very comprehensive and interactive. It is designed to train students on all aspects of Nail Art as well as Mehndi and make them well-versed in the latest techniques and products. It also helps them gain a deeper understanding of how their clients perceive their services and what they can do to better connect with them.

Also, the candidates will learn about salon management skills which will play an important role in their journey in the beauty industry. Women are taught how to make their own portfolios and market their work on digital platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

20+ Modules & Over 432 Hours of Practical Training

The course covers a variety of subjects including; hair, nails and aesthetics, business management, and marketing.

30+ Live Projects & Workshops!

We believe that learning by doing is the best way to learn. Our artists enjoy their live projects and special beauty workshops.

Our Dynamic Course Module

The Professional Beautician Course will give you a wide range of knowledge about various beauty treatments, makeup, skincare, etc. You will learn all about professional beauty techniques that are perfect for your salon, spa, or freelance business. It will also cover all the aspects from the history of beauty to the science behind it.


Some of the topics covered under this section are:- Introduction to Skin Theory, CTM Process, Bleach and Clean up, Professional Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Home Remedies, Soft Skills sessions, and much more.


Some of the topics covered under this section are Introduction to hair, Hair Spa, Hair Bun, Hair styling- Basic and Bun, Hair cut, Head massage therapy, Dandruff treatment, Global color, Soft skills sessions, and much more.


Some of the topics covered under this section are: Types of Liner, Application of Mascara, Lip shape and Eyebrow setting, Blusher application, Contouring and highlighting, Day and night Party make-up, HD make-up, Bridal make-up, and much more.

Nail Art

Some of the topics covered in this section are Introduction to Nail Theory, Manicure, How to apply nail paint, Sponge Art, Dry Marble, Brush Art, Shimmer Art, Stone Art, and much more.


Some of the topics covered in this section are Introduction to Mehndi Theory, Mehndi types like Arabic Mehndi Design, Indian Mehndi Design, Bridal Mehndi Design, and much more.

Work of our


Empower Plus believes that their is an artist in every person, and beauty itself is an art, that’s why we call our students as ‘Artisits. Also we them run their business efficiently by helping build their business website/Portfolio etc.

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Join The 3 Days Free Beauty Course

The 3-day course is a practical introduction to the entry-level beautician course. The course will teach you how to apply personal care products, basic makeup, facials, and waxing.

The Basics

Learn how to do makeup, nails, and hair with professional techniques & prepare yourself for any upcoming event.

4 Hrs 30min

Learn from the experts & get hands-on training & knowledge about the secrets of the beauty industry.


Success Stories

Empower Plus Beauty transforms dreams into reality. Discover the success stories of Manpreet Machal, Bhawna Sharma, and Harpreet Kaur. Our courses redefine beauty education, empowering individuals for a brighter future.

Manpreet Machal


Empower Plus Beauty ignited my passion for beauty. The Professional Beautician Course enriched my skills, and now I thrive in the beauty industry. Grateful for the guidance and affordable education.

Harpreet Kaur


Empower Plus Beauty’s Skincare and Hairstylist courses sculpted my career. The subsidized fees made quality education accessible. Today, I’m a proud professional, thanks to the unparalleled training and support.

Bhawna Sharma


Choosing Empower Plus Beauty was life-changing. The Professional Diploma In Cosmetology exceeded my expectations. The expert trainers and practical approach gave me confidence. Now, I excel as a cosmetologist.

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